C2Shirts.com Is Rolling!

Welcome fellow owners and enthusiast to C2Shirts.com!
This site springs from my passion for the early Corvettes that, like most of you, started many years ago.  My first exposure was when I was roughly 8 years old and saw my uncle’s 1965 Goldwood Yellow Convertible.  I was bitten by the “bug” then, and haven’t shaken it since.

Recently, I thought it would be cool to have some neat Corvette T-shirts, but I didn’t see anything that was, “me” and I see mostly the same stuff on all the websites I visited.  That got me to “thinkin”, and over the last couple of months I have designed some of my own shirts, using some of the classic cues from the mid-year cars.  These shirts make a statement, and carry the attitude that goes a long with the cars and their owners… I think you will enjoy them.

I should probably admit now that I have never owned a Corvette.  Somehow, life has either gotten in the way, or I have had bad luck (actually, not bad luck, just bad timing), or countless other excuses.  About a year ago though, I decided to stop being a dreamer and start down the path of being an “owner”.  I have come a long way in the last year, and I am hoping that the sale of a few t-shirts will also get me over the top and help build my war chest for the day when the “right car” comes along.

I have been on the hunt for a solid 63-67 driver, with good bones and a nod to originality.  I am not skilled enough, nor are my pockets deep enough, to embark on a restoration project.  I need a car I can be proud to drive today, and tinker around with on weekends and during the winter months.  Color and having the original motors are not that important, that is, I don’t have a color prefrence, and though I’d love a car that had the original motor, its not a deal breaker for me.  I want to drive the car, take the wife out on date night, drive my daughter around the track if she ever becomes prom queen…. that kind of stuff that a four-wheeled family member does.

I can’t say I am a rich man, though I have been blessed beyond what I ever deserved  but my finances are limited… and if I am going to stay married (which I want to do) then it has to be in the mid-30s….not cause’ I am cheap, its b’cause its all I got!

Tall order, I know, but I believe that the right car is out there… waiting for me.

In the mean time, I’ll continue to make shirts and dream.  There is a lot more than just T-shirts on these pages, I have, and will continue to, add more info to these pages… as I am constantly searching up codes, numbers and other minutia over and over again, and it would be easier for me if I knew where to find it quickly!

If you see a shirt you like, don’t hesitate to order it or drop me a line with questions.  A lot of shirts that are sold online today are ordered and processed via the “print on demand” model.  Basically, a website has a picture of the shirt and when you order it, the order goes directly to the printer where it printing and shipping are handled “off site”.  While this is real simple for the shirt seller, the down side is that the printer handles each shirt as “1” order, because it is.  The printer uses the cheapest printing method possible, which is the T-shirt version of the ink jet printer (or worse, uses a modern “iron on” process.  The end result, the SHIRT YOU ARE BUYING, is very poor quality that  fades very quickly in the wash.

C2shirts.com has gone in a different direction altogether.  I buy the shirts in bunches and pay for them upfront.  While this might not mean much to you now, it will after you buy one because you are getting a higher quality product.  The bulk order insures that the shirts are screen printed (not ink-jetted or ironed on) and they are printed on high quality 6.1 oz pre-shrunk cotton shirts from either Gildan or Haynes Beefy Ts. We have matched the colors of the shirts as closely as we can to mid-year paint codes… so where else can you order your 1963 Vette shirt on Daytona Blue, or your ’66 shirt on Silver Pearl?

Our hope is that you find some cools shirts to ad to your collection and tell a friend where you got… and one day soon, we’ll be sharing the “wave” as we pass on the road!